12 Days of Tech

Fine Arts Software: 12 Days of Hanutech, Day 9

Here’s a little tech love for the fine arts!
There are all sorts of reasons to incorporate fine arts into a project, and there are a lot of software tools that let kids (and grown-ups!) be creative and artistic. Often, fine arts are best with real-world materials like paint and clay, but sometimes software allows us to look at art a different way, to do things we couldn’t do in the real world, or simply to be artistic without the supplies or cleanup.
And of course, many of us use art to express our own creativity, or to relax and meditate. I’ve used many of these for my own creative art and music projects, and I thought you might enjoy them, too!
Some of these tools work well on in Chrome and on Chromebooks, while others require Windows or Mac laptops, but all of them are FREE.

Music composition and sheet music
Windows and Mac
Music recording studio
Music synthesizers and drumkit
Photo editing
Illustrations (vector art)
3D sculpting
Windows and Mac
3D modeling
Online coloring for relaxation (think virtual crayons for adults)
Any browser
Appreciation and inspiration
Any browser


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