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The Secret to my Animated GIFs

I'm finishing up this year's 12 Days of Techmas with my most requested tip. It's a little scary to me to give this one away, because 1) it's like telling a secret family recipe, and 2) it's dangerous if used improperly, like nitroglycerin or Twitter. But why not? It's the season of giving, after all, so I'm sharing with you the source of my cute little animated… Continue reading The Secret to my Animated GIFs

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The NEW Google Sites

Last year, Google launched a new version of its Google Sites product, which they creatively call "New Google Sites." This new version is a completely new system, and is SO much easier to use than the "Classic" Google Sites of years past. The New Google Sites, with frustration-free packaging The New Google Sites is much easier for beginners and is… Continue reading The NEW Google Sites

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Finish the year on a high note with HyperDocs!

I talk to a lot of teachers who experiment with new teaching tools and methods in June, to evaluate them for the next school year. If you looking for something fresh to finish out the year, something to keep your students engaged and learning right through the end, then learn more about HyperDocs! HyperDocs, conceptualized by… Continue reading Finish the year on a high note with HyperDocs!


Backup Your Files to Google Drive (from Windows)

One of the most important things a teacher can do over the summer is to backup his or her digital files. Depending on your school and its data system, your files might or might not be automatically backed up by your IT department. Regardless, it is never a bad idea to create your own occasional… Continue reading Backup Your Files to Google Drive (from Windows)