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The Secret to my Animated GIFs

I'm finishing up this year's 12 Days of Techmas with my most requested tip. It's a little scary to me to give this one away, because 1) it's like telling a secret family recipe, and 2) it's dangerous if used improperly, like nitroglycerin or Twitter. But why not? It's the season of giving, after all, so I'm sharing with you the source of my cute little animated… Continue reading The Secret to my Animated GIFs

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The NEW Google Sites

Last year, Google launched a new version of its Google Sites product, which they creatively call "New Google Sites." This new version is a completely new system, and is SO much easier to use than the "Classic" Google Sites of years past. The New Google Sites, with frustration-free packaging The New Google Sites is much easier for beginners and is… Continue reading The NEW Google Sites

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12 Google Docs Tricks for Teachers

For today's 12 Days Tip, I'll be sharing 12 advanced Google Docs features you should try out! 1. Fonts When you first used Google Docs, you may have been disappointed by the small number of available fonts. You may not realize that Google has added a lot more (a lot more) fonts to the available list: you just have… Continue reading 12 Google Docs Tricks for Teachers

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Formative Assessments with Plickers

As the tech integration guy, it's my job to be a cheerleader for tech in your lessons. But that doesn't mean the students (or you) have to be using tech all the time. Sometimes when students are in the middle of some high-level thinking, the last thing we would want is for them to drag out their tech for a simple online quiz.… Continue reading Formative Assessments with Plickers

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Recognizing Phishing

Computer viruses and computer fraud are like the boogeyman of the 21st Century.... spooky and scary! ​ The good news is that you are already guarded really well. Modern anti-virus software (like Sohpos, the one protecting your school laptop) is actually very good at preventing viruses from getting into your computer, as is the Google email system we use for school… Continue reading Recognizing Phishing

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Digital Note Cards

Just a quick one today: a new trick for an old technique -- making note cards. Sometimes it is appropriate for your students to make a set of note cards.The classic "old-school" example is teaching students to write research papers: they would put sources, quotes, and other important info on index cards, and could then sort the cards afterward to organize the… Continue reading Digital Note Cards

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Teachers Can Code, Too!

There is a lot of talk about teaching kids to code, but most of us don't have a lot of experience with it. We've been trained by Hollywood to think of coding as tech wizardry, but it's really not.  It's a few learned skills combined with thoughtful planning and creative, logical problem solving. This is NOT what coding is like: THIS… Continue reading Teachers Can Code, Too!